Session 10 - Journey to Trassis Republic (TestBot)

Octopi are OP

Things that happened:

  • We sailed for Trassis Republic
  • We saw a sea serpent. It was big enough to eat ships.
  • We had to dodge a storm and divert towards Or-Kriger
  • We got tailed at sun down by an orc ship.
  • We devised a plan for Tyrwin to turn into a giant (medium sized) octopus and go set fire to the enemy ship. He did so barely dodging the sea serpent that had for some reason returned.
  • They caught up to us, on fire, and attacked us. They were however too busy with arrows, a giant octopus, and fire spreading on their ship. They died.
  • We arrived at the city of Aurside and entered the inn Blue Finn.


irishbandit7 TestBott

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