Session 2 - Ambush! (TestBot)

Hey my cargo is walking off!

After the caravan set off from Midlewood and to the mountain pass, the weather turned foggy. Of course this wasn’t to the likeness of anyone but they still had to push on regardless, especially since their resting place that Brian had chosen resided a ways away still.

As they arrived at a narrow bridge pass, a prime area for an ambush if there were to be one, they were promptly ambushed. A group of rebels called the “Blue Stripes” outnumbering the party (albeit barely) blocked the way and attacked the caravan. After a few seconds of combat, the leader of the ambush, a quick man of much skill, charged for the carriage itself pulling out barrels and revealing the true cargo that was being carried unbeknownst to the party.

Under the fruits and vegetables were Brayian (?) arms and armor, the armor spilling across the bridge in direct shot of the Blue Stripe acolytes who were prepared with special wands to animate the armor, making it carry off barrels of weapons.

While the combat itself was certainly not going the way of either engaged party, the Blue Stripes had claimed what they were here for and retreated, having lost their leader, a few soldiers, and failing to burn the carriage. This was the end of the ambush.

After recovering from the fight, the party were annoyed and angry with Brian who had lied to them about their cargo. Some took issue as this information would have drastically changed the initial perceived risk of the job and some were angry as this would drastically change the worth of the job. Either way, Brian had now half his cargo and a disgruntled protection party. His reason for the lie was that since none of them were soldiers of the land (as he was supposed to receive for the caravan) any one of them could have been a Blue Stripe. While reasonable, this did not change the party’s attitude at their current perdiciment and they had to plan to somehow retrieve their lost cargo as Brian outright refused to go anywhere until he had his cargo back.


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