Session 3 - Blue Stripe Outpost (TestBot)

Spoopy Ghost of bullshit many actions

As sun rose behind heavy clouds, fog gave way to rain. The party move down the slopes of the mountain following the heavy footprints of an animated suit of armor carrying a blood stained barrel of weaponry.

Eventually, they noticed a smoke column not far off coming from inside a walled off compound of sorts. Perhaps an abandoned church of cemetery. The party using a great deal of caution and stealth moved close and eliminated a guard, the sound of thunder silencing the twang of the bow and the thud of its hit on the wall behind the skull of an unaware guard. They inched closer and closer, and finally followed by the harmonious sound of bagpipes backed up by the drum roll of thunder they launched their attack. A jaguar chewed on a dwarf, paralyzed by the eldrich magic of a dragon born, swords flashed, arrows flew from the shadows, bagpipes played. The compound was taken and two survivors had retreated into the church.

Rale, Kharnor, and Nima prepared to break in through one of the windows while the rest gathered up at the front door, however before they could breach the doors, the doors opened and a suit of armor began attacking the group. The battle in the church was a tough one for the party and made even more difficult by the next being the showed up.

From the back of the church came a tall figure. humanoid at the top yet hazy and cloudy waist down. It carried several chains, each ending in a humanoid skull. It was quick and resilient to normal attacks however the magical weapon of V’Har very quickly dealt significant amounts of damage. Significant enough for it to flea and thus leaving the bruised and battered party victorious.

As the party made preparations to leave, two items of note were found. One was a magical map of some sort. Able to accurately and instantly portray the geographical and political situations of the world of Keratia and the other was a symbol. An evil and ominous symbol of a skull flanked by two large wings. This was the symbol of the Lichdom. The symbol of the Lichdom in the possession of a ghastly figure, presumably (and later confirmed by the map) commanding the local Blue Stripes. While this had ominous ramifications, it was a topic best discussed later when the party had tended their wounds and was perhaps in the secure confines of a town or at least on the road and away from where a ghost may come back to any time.


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