Session 4 - Wex (TestBot)

Lots of sneaky beaky crap happens

Things that happened because I can’t figure out how to put it into writing nicely. Someone else do this session:

  • We altered the contract (to +30G per person)
  • We got to Wex
  • Sullivan who was the Crosswinds boss changed it to only +5G per person
  • We got the gold (35G per person)
  • Rale was tailed
  • Turned out Rale slept with a rich guy’s daughter and now has a hit on him.
  • Party set up trap for assassin who was a no show
  • Nima went for a night walk (not a warewolf. Stop being suspicious :) )
  • Party got “hired” for ruin exploration up north (no cash up front or payout). Leaving in a day. Contract said they get everything and the wizard that hired them can buy anything he wants from them.


irishbandit7 TestBott

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