Session 5 - Forest Research Outpost 46 (TestBot)

We really should not have touched that

After spending another day in Wex and sorting their personal businesses and making some last minutes purchases the party set out north with Bao and after a brief night rest in the forest they arrived at the ruins the next noon.

The area was swampy in a sharp contrast with the forest they had just walked out of. Some stone ruins were visible in a vaguely circular pattern around a central pillar. After some inspections by Bao and Kharnor’s ritual of understanding languages, the found out that the name of the location was “Forest Research Outpost 46” and soon after they found a moderately accessibly entrance beneath a good amount of mud.

After the party made their way through the doorway and down some stairs they found themselves in a sort of a chamber overgrown with vines and ferns. They quietly made their way into the room and investigated the ferns when they were ambushed by the very ferns themselves! The ferns were aggressive animals hiding themselves as ferns and the vines were angry plants.

After a quick and painful combat the party reestablished security in the room and continued their investigation into the next room where they found a few desks and a blue stuck door.

Being unique, the party took interest in the blue door and opened it, finding a large statue inside. A statue with pristine hard armor and a functional shining sword. They party began discussing how to deal with the statue when in the confusion either Rale decided by himself or was told to take its sword. He approached it and at touching the sword the statue came to life and backhanded Rale into the nearest wall. The statue was now awake, angry, and a very real threat. It was tough and seemed to largely not give a single thought to massive strikes against it. It fought the party all the way out of its room until it took a knee and recharged. It then stood up, took down Rale with a heavy strike, put handcuffs on him and went back to its previous state of motionlessness.


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