Session 7 - Murder we wrote (TestBot)

We have plan A, B, C, D, 5, and DD

Eventually, the party arrived at Abbeyvale. Eager to pay of Rale’s debt to rid themselves of the weight of one of their members being tailed. They found themselves in conversation with a nameless Tiefling who after meeting with them, gave them an option. To kill a captain of the army in exchange for Rale’s debt.

The party planned extensively for the murder. They planned to challenge him in the melee, then to get him drunk and take him outside of town where he would be murdered. If none of that worked then they would plant a stolen necklace on him to condemn him to execution.

the reality however was different. The captain performed admirably in the melee and only Jin managed to stand up to him. Afterwards the party challenged him to a drinking match in which he eventually passed out, retreating to his tent.

Rale took this opportunity. He sneaked into his tent, slit his throat, and escaped. Anxious from his recent act of assassination, he hid the dagger just in time before the town went into lock down. The dead captain was discovered, the hunt for the murderers had begun.


irishbandit7 TestBott

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