Session 8 - Investigations of The Crown Divinum

Officer? Am I being detained?

The group eventually gathered and began to quietly plan for how to deal with the investigation. They came up with an alibi for Rale (setting him up as their “accountant” and taking all his weapons and armour). They then went back down to the common area of the inn they were staying at just in time to hear commotion outside from the apparently arriving reinforcements.

Outside a contingent of armoured men had arrived. They were escorting an adorned carriage which stopped in front of the other inn. From it emerged a man adorned in intricately designed heavy plate armour. He was one of the highest ranking members of the Crown Divinum. The party knew that their situation had gone from bad to much much worse.

The investigations were to begin soon and of course the foreigners were (correctly) some of the prime suspects. In the short span of time they had, Nima began teaching the group how to lie under literal oath as it was more than likely that the newly arrived paladins would be using truth spells. Soon enough they were called away one by one to be questioned. Eventually, Rale broke. Either by the failing of his will’s defense or his consciousness, he confessed to the party’s involvement in the murder. Soon enough the party was arrested and put in jail. There was however a sliver of hope. The newly arrived captain had a habit. His executions were personal and done in duels. This meant that their death was not imminent nor certain.

As soon as they were left alone in the jail, they began preparations for escape. Nima picked the locks and the aprty gathered their equipment, gave back Rale’s weapons and armour, and headed for the door. Two guards were killed. Outside was the captain preparing for his duel with Rale (and later with the rest of the party as Kharnor confessed to involvement in the crime to assist Rale) surrounded by his escort. The party saw movement. The Tiefling was also arrested and was being brought into the jail. The part set up an ambush and quickly killed his guard freeing him. They planned with him for the party to engage the Crown Divinum forces outside, allowing the Tiefling to gather help and assist the party in their escape. The implication being that this would be the “extra” payment for the assassination.

The party begun an ambush on the forces outside, engaging in a very risky combat. The captain alone was a very difficult target judging by his armour, rank, and implied skill. Now however, he was surrounded with a contingent of paladins which made the combat extremely deadly. Soon enough Kharnor and Rale were downed in combat and the rest of the party was struggling with the enemy. Suddenly, before a killing blow fell on a party member (who was it that was saved?) a ghastly sword pierced the captain. The ghost that the party had encountered earlier had arrived and had just killed their enemy.

Soon the party gathered their wounded in the arena and met with the Tiefling who told them of a man named “Davos” in a nearby town who would smuggle them out of the country. They thanked him and were shortly on their way, fleeing out of town and eastward.


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