Session 9 - Escape from Bray (TestBot)

And they bravely ran away

Things that happened:

The party fled east in a several day long trek, avoiding the roads and signs of civilization. The journey being more long than perilous.

Eventually the party came across a cabin. An abandoned cabin surrounded by the corpses of dead farm animals and emanating a small rumbling noise through the ground. The party quickly changed their direction and headed at least a mile out from the cabin before camping for the night.

The cabin’s inhabitants however did not leave them alone. It was home to a type of large bug like creatures that traversed through the ground. the seven bugs ambushed the party.

Contrary to their demeanor and shape, they were not as instantly deadly as assumed. The party managed to mostly deal with the acid sprays and horrid bites and put down the seven assailants. Their sense of dread calmed by their victory over the unknown enemy, the slept through the night and headed for the destination.

Two days later and they had arrived at the city walls. They split into groups and made their way into town without any suspicion from the gate guards (excluding the small issue with Tyrwin’s inability to play a musical instrument) the party arrived at one of the town’s less prominent inns. Somewhere they would most likely find Davos. Sure enough, they did.

While the party spread around town to replenish their sanity and their supplies (and as always Jin painted on a rooftop), Nima negotiated their escape from Bray. A price of 90 gold was settled for their extremely short notice escape and their destination was set for Trassis Republic. Davos was on his way to prepare and the party had to spend four hours not getting murdered. Four hours passed.

As the party was boarding the ship, a contingent of troops surprised them. Quickly assailing them with magic and arrows, the forced the party into a hasty departure. The party returned fire however Tyrwin fell into the water. The ship was too far away to allow the party any immediate rescue methods and before they could even consider any, the mages in the troops hit the water with their spells, freezing and most likely incapacitating Tyrwin. The ship pulled away and a realization sank in. Tyrwin was left behind.

  • Mage-Pile: Like dog-pile, except done from a distance, with more elegance, and far more deadly.


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