Session 1
Guard Duty

Our adventure begins Cohford, in the Kingdom of Bray. Warriors, soldiers of fortune, mercenaries, explorers, adventurers, and murder hobos pass often in these lands in search for riches and glory. Recently there has been a request for these characters to provide security for a caravan traveling to the city of Wex. So in the Caravaneer lodge, our heroes meet to discuss their mission and introduce one another…

The first is Nima, the Half-Elf Rogue. A pale half elf with flowing jet black hair down until his shoulders, a sword in a leather hilt on his belt and a bow on his shoulder. A quiver of arrows behind him, hung from his belt. A green half-cloak reaches out from his grey hood and hangs from his right shoulder, reaching down to knee. He often walks with a smile on his face, a stride in his step, and a generally positive mood. He is almost always seen in his leather armor over his dark green clothes, black leather pants, and dirty stiff leather boots that seem to always magically attract mud.

Next is Rale Thislelea, the Halfling Rogue.

Then there is Vhar Tzeer, the Dragonborn Warlock.

There is also Jin Feng, a Monk Lieutenant of the Hanedan Empire. Jin is a darker-skinned elf with a haunted look in his eyes. His long dark hair is usually pulled back into a ponytail, as it and the stubble he’s begun to gather are the main two signs of his partial departure from the army proper. A mostly black uniform with gold highlights and three lieutenant’s crosses on his shoulders marks his rank. A shortbow rests on his lower back, and he carries a well-made quarterstaff of dark wood, long since worn smooth from use.

Amongst the others is Urth Hornraven the Human Ranger.

Additionally there is Tyrwin Bramblewyne, the wood-elf druid.

And finally, there is Kharnor. A Half-Orc Bard. Kharnor “Carnage” Claymore. A burly orc like many others, wearing simple clothing yet armored with a scavenged leather jerkin. His arms are adorned with what looks to be scars running up and down his arms, but upon closer inspection one can tell they are not mearly scars: they are music bars with notes, reminding him of his song of valor. He wears his hair into a single topnot ponytail, and secured to it is a fex made from a skinned badger.

This strange group of people make introduce themselves after the caravan master arrives and informs them of their quest. They are to protect the shipment of food and supplies until they reach the city of Wex. They must first traverse through the Brayvoir Forest, cut through the Graystack Mountains, and brave Shelgen Forest until they arrive to their destination. Their path is mapped out to them, and they are given time to ready themselves for the journey ahead.

After a night of drinking the party leaves before the sunrise, heading west into the Brayvoir Forest. Their first stop would be Lowwood; they will rest there for the night before moving onto Midwood deeper within. Their travels to Lowwood was uneventful, though they spent the meantime sharing tales and speaking about themselves.

They reached Lowwood shortly before nightfall, and the party was allowed to do as they please with their time. Urth and Tyrwin ventured into the woods to gather natural regents, while Rale sought to feed his vices. He searched for Dragonborn Smokeweed, a powerful psychedelic substance were even a single bud could induce violent hallucinations within large and hardy the Dragonborns. Kharnor spent his time gathering information from the locals, hearing rumors of wolves deeper within the woods. As the night grew on the party settled into the Inn, resting for the next day.

Once more the caravan woke up before the crack of dawn and traveled through the forest. Thanks to the skills of the party’s ranger, they were able to traverse the woods with relative ease, though they would not be able to make it to Midwood within the same night. Fortunately the caravan master knew of a location nearby which would provide ample protection against the wilds, and so they went to search for it. However as they looked, Jin spotted the ravaged corpse of a deer not far from the forest roads. The creature was obviously ripped apart by animals, likely the wolves Kharnor had heard of. The party took note, but continued onwards regardless.

Eventually they arrived to the location the caravan master spoke of: a walled off graveyard. Ominous, but secure. A friend of the caravan master found the location, and he had secured it with a simple lock. The party moved inside and observed their surroundings. The first thing they noticed was a section of wall which had fallen: the savvier members immediately knew that if enemies came, they would come from there. Thus those prepared set down simple hunting traps for the inevitable. The next thing that was noticed was the tomb. Rale looked through the stone building, followed by Kharnor. There they discovered that the tomb was dedicated to the goddess of life, and served the purpose any tomb would: to house the dead. After some exploration they left, though Kharnor left behing his staff as some sort of offering.

With the horses settled it was time to rest for the night. Watch orders were made, a campfire constructed, and the party was ready to sleep. Jin and Nima, being elves, chose to sleep in the trees. Kharnor, being the adventurous sort, chose to lay his bedroll onto the tomb’s roof. The others sleep on the ground and fell asleep. The first watch noticed nothing out of the ordinary, but it wasn’t until the second watch that danger occurred. Urth noticed the eyes of a wolf in the forest, and when more arrived he took his horn out and signaled for battle. Everyone were roused and combat ensued.

The wolves struck first. Effortlessly sailing over the traps laid out for them, pouncing to Urth and Tyrwin, who was near. Twyrin was badly injured, as was Urth. Regardless however they fought. Tyrwin brandished his brutal cudgel and struck the wolf, and soon Rale the Halfling rogue attacked from the shadows, removing an eye from one of the feral beast. Though effective, the savage monster did not go down. V’har channeled eldritch powers through his body and attacked the beasts, but between the crowded battlefront and the nimble wolves, V’har did not have a clear shot.

Urth acted next,drawing his short sword and cutting down an animal. And leaping down from the tree, Nima took out his own bow and fired into the melee, but unfortunately he did not find his mark. By this time Kharnor had been awoken by the sound of the horn, but he was truly ready by the sound of combat. Seeing his allies fending off the pack, Kharnage brandished his claymore, leaping from his rooftop shelter and directly into the fray. He cleaved the head from a single wolf upon landing, challenging the beasts to face him.

And face him they did. One wolf answered his challenge and bit his arm with it’s powerful maw. Another wolf emerged from the forest and went straight towards the weakened Urth. He was take down by the wolf as it savagely mauled him. Twyrin, forced into retreat due to his own injuries, casted a spell as more wolves arrived. He summoned a blade of ice which impaled a wolf through the skull, before shattering into icicle shrapnel. The ice cut into the other wolves, weakening them enough for Rale to slay a wolf, piercing it’s heart. Jin also took down a wolf with a graceful blow to the head using his quarter staff, finishing it off with a crushing fist. Nima once more appeared from the shadows and slew a wolf with an arrow through the eye, before finally Kharnor hewed through the final wolf with a swing of his claymore. Blood and victory fueling his bravado, Kharnor called out into the forest, challenging the darkness to face him. And the darkness answered.

From the forest came a direwolf. It charged towards Kharnor to avenge its fallen brothers, but the orcish song-warrior was ready for him. Parrying the wolf’s blow Kharnor set the direwolf to be taken down by his allies. The first was Rale, who despite his injuries suffered from the battle, managed to throw a dagger deep into the direwolf’s eye, all the way down to the hilt. Twyrin aided Urth and healed him of his injuries, just in time for him to pick up his weapon and strike the wolf, weakening it further. The honor of giving the direwolf it’s deathblow as Jin. As the beast was recoiling from Urth’s slash, Jin slammed his staff into its other eye, stunning it long enough for the well-seasoned soldier to effortlessly grasp it’s neck and break it like a twig.

The battle was won, but there was something admiss. Upon the bodies the wolves had a strange crescent symbol drawn on their foreheads in blood. Additionally the smaller wolves began to rapidly decay, faster than they naturally should. Only the direwolf remained, but everyone was tired. There were many wounded and had no energy to carve the wolf of it’s flesh and bones. The party went back to bed, resuming their watch. But their night did not go uninterrupted. A few hours after the battle, another visitor arrived. A hulking beast, with claws sharper than any blade and the strength to tear a man limb from limb. Or to tear a direwolf’s head from it’s body, which is demonstrated to the unfortunate guard on watch. The werewolf left without another word, but it’s sighting forced the party to leave soon. Werewolves should not be here so far to the north. Whatever its purpose, the party was not equipped to investigate.

Though the night was eventful, the caravan managed to get a full night’s rest and arrived to Midwood soon after awakening. Their battle with the wolves gave everyone quite a learning experience, but their quest was not over. Obtaining half of their pay once they arrived at the city, our heroes rest up and get ready for their next adventure.

Session 1 - Guard Duty (Testbot)
The party is hired as caravan guards

Adventure begins as any adventure does, a group of mismatched people gathered in a tavern, sitting at a table, listening to their job description. Gathered at the table were Kharnor a Half-Orc Bard, wearing a badger skin hat and showing incredible talent in playing a bagpipe, Rale Thislelea a Halfling with a roguish look about him in fancy clothing, Jin Feng a Wood Elf wearing military uniform, Nima a Half-Elf in dark leather clothing, Urth Hornraven a Human Ranger, Tyrwin Bramblewyne another Wood Elf but a Druid, and V’har Tzeer a Dragonborn who enjoyed employing telepathic communication as a chief way of talking with others.

They were hired as guard duty for a caravan headed to Wex. A job paying 60 gold for about a week of travel. Simple as jobs go.

The second night however, after the caravan had passed Lowwood and before they reached Midlewood, they had to rest on the way. The caravan owner, having planned for this, guided the party to an abandoned graveyard, relatively safe except one gaping hole in the wall.

The party, uneasy having previously seen wolf pack tracks on the road set up watches for the night and as fortune would have it, the wolf pack attacked.

While vicious in their own right, the party were numerous and luck was on their side and they managed to deal with the wolf pack while only two of them took serious injury. The dire wolf that attacked shortly after the pack lay dead with Rale’s dagger in its eye and several of its teeth littering the ground. It was then that two peculiar items were noted. Firstly, that the wolf corpses were either rapidly decaying or already on the verge of decay as they collapsed to the ground. And secondly, that there was a shape of a crescent moon drawn with now-dried blood on their foreheads.

Happy with their victory however, the party went to sleep. Yet not a full hour had passed when a dark tall figure was sighted standing above the rapidly decaying corpses of the wolves. It’s eyes glinting in the darkness, it gave a brief look to the party and the watch, and with a swift and effortless swipe of its claw, it decapitated the dire wolf and took its head with it deeper into the jungle. It wasn’t until sunrise when Urth, after seeing the claw marks and the footprints, confirmed their fear that the nighttime visitor was in fact a large hybrid werewolf. All the more reason for the party to hurry to Midlewood.

Upon arrival, the caravan owner settled the half payment as promised and the party scattered in the city to rest or prowl and to prepare for the rest of the incoming journey.

(I wrote this because I thought no one else would :P If you think I’m wrong prove it and write next session’s adventure log.) -TestBot


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