Session 1 - Guard Duty (Testbot)
The party is hired as caravan guards

Adventure begins as any adventure does, a group of mismatched people gathered in a tavern, sitting at a table, listening to their job description. Gathered at the table were Kharnor a Half-Orc Bard, wearing a badger skin hat and showing incredible talent in playing a bagpipe, Rale Thislelea a Halfling with a roguish look about him in fancy clothing, Jin Feng a Wood Elf wearing military uniform, Nima a Half-Elf in dark leather clothing, Urth Hornraven a Human Ranger, Tyrwin Bramblewyne another Wood Elf but a Druid, and V’har Tzeer a Dragonborn who enjoyed employing telepathic communication as a chief way of talking with others.

They were hired as guard duty for a caravan headed to Wex. A job paying 60 gold for about a week of travel. Simple as jobs go.

The second night however, after the caravan had passed Lowwood and before they reached Midlewood, they had to rest on the way. The caravan owner, having planned for this, guided the party to an abandoned graveyard, relatively safe except one gaping hole in the wall.

The party, uneasy having previously seen wolf pack tracks on the road set up watches for the night and as fortune would have it, the wolf pack attacked.

While vicious in their own right, the party were numerous and luck was on their side and they managed to deal with the wolf pack while only two of them took serious injury. The dire wolf that attacked shortly after the pack lay dead with Rale’s dagger in its eye and several of its teeth littering the ground. It was then that two peculiar items were noted. Firstly, that the wolf corpses were either rapidly decaying or already on the verge of decay as they collapsed to the ground. And secondly, that there was a shape of a crescent moon drawn with now-dried blood on their foreheads.

Happy with their victory however, the party went to sleep. Yet not a full hour had passed when a dark tall figure was sighted standing above the rapidly decaying corpses of the wolves. It’s eyes glinting in the darkness, it gave a brief look to the party and the watch, and with a swift and effortless swipe of its claw, it decapitated the dire wolf and took its head with it deeper into the jungle. It wasn’t until sunrise when Urth, after seeing the claw marks and the footprints, confirmed their fear that the nighttime visitor was in fact a large hybrid werewolf. All the more reason for the party to hurry to Midlewood.

Upon arrival, the caravan owner settled the half payment as promised and the party scattered in the city to rest or prowl and to prepare for the rest of the incoming journey.

(I wrote this because I thought no one else would :P If you think I’m wrong prove it and write next session’s adventure log.) -TestBot


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