Campaign Rules


Your characters are in the port city of Cohford in the Kingdom of Bray. You have all, for various reasons, responded to a job posting that read: “Caravan Guard Urgently Needed, Good Pay”, and have gathered at the Caravansary for the details.

This campaign is a sandbox in a dynamic world, you may follow whatever path you wish (try to keep the murderhoboing to a miminum).


Sessions are Mondays 8:00PM EST
Experience is given to the entire group.

Player’s Handbook Races, No Drow (Races of Keratia)
Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide Archetypes and Spells are available. (Bladesinger is High Elf only, Battlerager is Half-Orc only)
Spells from the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion are available.

27 Point Buy (Calculator) or Standard Array (15,14,13,12,10,8)
At least one bond, flaw, and ideal.
No Lucky Feat

Standard Diagonals
Hitting Cover
Massive Damage
Action Options (No Mark)
Injury on 2 failed death saving throws

Setting-Specific Rules

Replace all instances of ‘Common’ with either Northern or Southern. These languages are mutually intelligible, but you have disadvantage on any charisma checks with someone who doesn’t speak your variant.
Casters native to the Kingdom of Bray must be either agents of the Crown or have some reason that they were not inducted into the Crown Arcanum or Crown Divinum.
Wizards must carry a Splinter (See Shards) to cast anything above a Cantrip. Wizards gain a Splinter as part of their starting equipment.

Homebrew content

The following homebrew content is available to be used by players:
All homebrew content is liable to be re-balanced at any time, use at your own discretion.
Civilization Domain
Travel Domain
Herbalism and Alchemy
Warlock Invocation Drawbacks
Way of the Four Elements Remastered
Oath of Orthodoxy
Expanded and Exotic Weapons

Campaign Rules

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