Empire of Ferria


  • Location: Western edge of the world, bordered to the south by The Kingdom of Bray.
  • Majority Races:Hill Dwarf, Mountain Dwarf
  • Majority Languages: Dwarven, Southern
  • Popular Gods: Magneus (State Religion)
  • Government: Theocracy
  • Capital: Al-Najra
  • Leader: Emperor Zosmis II
  • Iconography: A Crescent Moon and Anvil, typically in Silver and Yellow
  • Population: Medium
  • Density: High
  • Culture: Religious, Mercantile
  • Economy: Mining, Forgecraft, Fishing
  • Abundant Resources: Simple Metals, Advanced Metals, Gems, Stone,
  • Climate: Chaparral, Alpine
  • Shard Density: Moderate

Moorish theocracy ruled by dwarves.

Art by Meng De Cai

Empire of Ferria

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