Kingdom of Bray


  • Location: Western Coast of the Sea of Prosperity, bordered to the north by the Empire of Ferria.
  • Majority Races: Human, Mountain Dwarf
  • Majority Languages: Southern, Dwarven
  • Popular Gods: Xan, Magneus
  • Government: Authoritarian Monarchy, High Crown Authority
  • Capital: Gulway
  • Leader: King Domnall III
  • Iconography: A Stag with a crown around its neck, typically in Red and Black.
  • Population: Medium
  • Density: High
  • Culture: Militarist, Industrious
  • Economy: Mining, Military, Forestry
  • Abundant Resources: Lumber, Simple Metals, Cropland
  • Climate: Taiga, Alpine
  • Shard Density: Low
  • Coinage: Dorosi Pounds (pp), Gael (gp), Stag (sp), Crown (cp)

The Kingdom of Bray is known for it’s proud military tradition, with every level of society connected to the military is some way. Brayans of every caste, age, and creed are soldiers in the Royal Army. A generation of war with the Duchy of Tiel has hardened the populace to the costs of war. Every noble family has at least member who is a knight or died as one. The middle-class send their sons to be squires, and their daughters to learn the ways of healing. The poor are conscripted into battalions of pikemen and men-at-arms.

The low number of magic users in the population has led to almost all those magically gifted being recruited by the Crown Arcanum, an order of elite magic-wielding soldiers and agents, adept both in battle tactics and subterfuge. The Crown Divinum organizes all of the divine mages in the kingdom, and also serves as the administration for all the churches in the kingdom. Most divine casters have seen themselves pressed into service as healers and combat specialists during the war.

The countryside of The Kingdom is characterized by Boreal Forests in the north, extending into the rocky south over the mountains. The coast of Orwell’s Bay is a relatively fertile farming region, where the snowmelt provides an excellent supply of water. The coast of Anvil Bay is similar, though fed by seasonal rains rather than snowmelt.

Shards can rarely be found in the Graystack mountains, though one or two settlements have a Shard either nearby or integrated into the town.

The Second Weystrid War has raged for a generation between The Kingdom and The Duchy across the sea. Caused by territorial tensions on Weystrid, the war has seen little overall gain on either side. A tenuous armistice has been in effect for two years, with official peace talks being embroiled in gridlock.

highlands_castle__by_k_kom-d95y2j4.jpgArt by Krzysztof Komorowski

Kingdom of Bray

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