• Location: Off the western coast of Weystrid
  • Majority Races: Orc
  • Majority Languages: Orcish, Southern
  • Popular Gods: Gordik, Mehantic
  • Government: Chiefdom
  • Capital: Ordeim
  • Leader: Great Chief Hakkon
  • Iconography: A Skull and Axe
  • Population: Low
  • Density: Low
  • Culture: Tribal, Seafaring
  • Economy: Fishing, Piracy
  • Abundant Resources: Lumber, Simple Metals,
  • Climate: Deciduous Forest
  • Shard Density: Low

Or-Kriger is the last refuge of the once fearsome and numerous orc population. Now they are contained to the island, limited to in-fighting, piracy, and raiding the nearby shores.

There are various Orc clans that inhabit the island, the strongest of which is the Ur-Clan. The clans can often be found squabbling amongst themselves for local power, or trying to usurp the current Ur-Clan.


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