Races of Keratia


Hill Dwarves originate from the island of Ferria, and look down upon their Mountain cousins as a less cultured, more brutish version of themselves.
The Mountain Dwarf homeland spans from the northern Hala Grasslands down through the Graystack mountains.


The High Elves of Crystalia and the surrounding plains have a complex tribal society heavily based on horsemanship and magic. The massive amount of Shards native to the region give the High Elves their propensity for magic.
Wood Elves hail from the lands north of Hanedan, primarily in the druidic Dalaan Kingdom.


Halflings are a race of refugees. Due to centuries of oppression and slavery in their native homeland of Ezadan, many have fled to all corners of the world. Every major city has at least a small halfling community living within it.
Lightfoot Halflings can trace their lineage to the coasts and cities of Ezadan, or to a city that their ancestors fled to.
Stout Halflings come from the rural mountains and foothills of Ezadan, or communities of halflings that have struck out on their own in the wilds.


Humans were the predominant race of the Ancient Empire, and so have a presence in every corner of the world.


Dragonborn live in secluded societies in the mountains of the world, typically worshiping dragons or other draconic icons. Dragonborn roaming the world is not unheard of, but the sight of a dragonborn in civilization is fairly rare.


Rock and Forest Gnomes live in the northern reaches of the Dalaan forest, kept secluded and safe from invaders by the difficult terrain in the region. Most people have a hard time distinguishing Gnomes from Halflings.


Half-Elves exist wherever Humans and Elves co-exist, though are not a majority anywhere and do not have a defined culture or homeland.


Half-Orcs are the result of centuries of conflict between orc raiders and the humans of the south. Though mistrusted and thought of as brutes, half-orcs can be seen throughout the southern parts of the world, though they are concentrated in eastern Tiel and Weystrid.


Tieflings inherently have no homeland, so the Tieflings of Doros decided to create one in the Trasis Republic. Tieflings are a rare sight outside of Doros and its neighbors, and some rural parts of the world may not even recognize them as more than demonspawn.

Races of Keratia

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