The Ancient Empire

mayan_civilization_by_boosoohoo-d5jq8xu.jpgArt by Suhwan Bae

Little is known about the Ancient Empire, other than that they were a very powerful multi-racial empire that controlled the entire known world until roughly 600 years ago. What is known about the civilization has been preserved in the scant remaining ruins dotted around the world, and through their cultural influence upon every society in Keratia.

The culture of the Ancient Empire was all pervasive, and when it collapsed the survivors retained that culture and passed it down through the ages. As all modern cultures can trace their origins back to the Ancient Empire, every society in Keratia shares certain traits:

  • Literacy is as important as food or water, even the poorest person is expected to beable to read and write at a basic level.
  • The languages currently known as Northern and Southern are directly rooted in the Ancient Empire’s language, which gives them their mutual intelligibility.
  • The pantheon of gods are real entities, but their names and methods of worship are evidenced to have originated in the Ancient Empire.
  • Other than the few small societies that use Lunar calendars, The calendar and timekeeping systems of the world, though called many different names, are all minor variations of the Ancient Empire’s season-based calendar system.

The Ancient Empire

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