The Lichdom


  • Location: Southeast corner of the world, bordered to the west by The Duchy of Tiel and to the north by Or-Fihet
  • Majority Races: Undead
  • Majority Languages: Southern, Northern, Necril
  • Popular Gods: Antikomen
  • Government: Totalitarian Dictatorship
  • Capital: Mortad
  • Leader: The Lich
  • Iconography: A Winged Skull, typically in Black and White
  • Population: Medium
  • Density: Low
  • Culture: Unknown/None
  • Economy: Unknown/None
  • Abundant Resources: Simple Metals, Advanced Metals
  • Climate: Chaparall, Desert-scrub, desert
  • Shard Density: Moderate

Little is known of the internal workings of the lichdom, though cities of undead are known to exist.

Art by Hunter Chan

The Lichdom

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