The Towers

wizard_s_tower_by_nm_art-d5t8jum.jpgArt by Nadegda Mihailova

The Towers are enigmatic structures located in remote parts of the world. There are four Towers, Benevolence, Malice, Discord, and Order (Corresponding to the alignment axes). Each is an immense, immaculate tower that predates all other structures in the world. It seems that even the Ancient Empire did not understand them.

The Tower of Benevolence is a vine-covered, twisting tower that radiates kindness and goodness, and is the source of the river Ibrig.

The Tower of Malice sits on the slope of a semi-active volcano, with imposing, craggy, black walls. It radiates hatred and evil, and is thought to be the seat of the Lichdom.

The Tower of Discord is isolated in the northern mountain rim, and its appearance changes by the day. It radiates chaos and change, and the climate in the surroundings shifts and morphs in strange ways.

The Tower of Order is the least known, situated deep in the Taijan Mountains. It is a large, brutalist structure, with a complex fortress complex surrounding it.

Despite all their differences, the Towers all share one trait: those who enter rarely, if ever, leave.

The Towers

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