Trasis Republic


  • Location: Off the coast of Doros
  • Majority Races: Tiefling, Human
  • Majority Languages: Northern, Infernal
  • Popular Gods: Yues, Tyner, Komen
  • Government: Democratic Republic
  • Capital: Eagle
  • Leader: Prime Minister Laurent
  • Iconography: The Free Star
  • Population: Low
  • Density: High
  • Culture: Mercantile, Individualist
  • Economy: Mercantile, Fishing
  • Abundant Resources: Fish
  • Climate: Temperate Forest, Alpine
  • Shard Density: Low

The Trasis Republic is the newest nation-state to arise in the world. It is also one of the most remarkable, as its system of government is essentially entirely alien, and Tieflings, a very small minority in the rest of the world, are the majority population. The island was granted as a protectorate to the Tieflings by Doros in response to political and economic pressure. Trasis has been declared the homeland of Tieflings, a race which by its nature has no homeland.

The government of Trasis is a democratic republic. Each citizen votes for representatives that vote on laws, budgets, and government actions. The Congress is presided over by a Prime Minister, who is elected in a general election every 5 years.

The primary players in Trasis are the political parties. The two main parties are the Foundationalists and the Sovereigntists. The Foundationalists want to keep the close ties with Doros, while the Sovereigntists want to become fully independent and self-sufficient. There are also some smaller political parties such as the Trade and Infernal parties. The Trade party mostly just exists to organize merchant representation, and the Infernal party is a mostly-ignored Tiefling Supremacy party.

The climate of Trasis is comparable to Bray, though with significantly warmer coasts. Inland Trasis consists of rocky, uninviting hills, leading to most of the population living on the coasts.

Trasis Republic

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